Peer-reviewed publications

Lottery incentives, private information, and public resource management: Evidence from the Agricultural Data Reporting Incentive Program (AgDRIP) (with Collin Weigel, Paul Ferraro, Mark Masters, Kent Messer, Olesya Savchenko, and Jordan Suter). [Official link, PDF] Environmental and Resource Economics 82:847–867, 2022.

Conservation outreach that acknowledges human contributions to climate change does not inhibit action by U.S. farmers: Evidence from a large randomized controlled trial embedded in a federal program on soil health (with Paul Ferraro, Jacob Fooks, Maik Kecinski, Joel Larson, Kent Messer, and Mike Wilson). [Official link, PDF] PLoS ONE 16(7):e0253872, 2021.

The impacts of a capacity-building workshop in a randomized adaptation project (with Francisco Alpízar, Maria Bernedo Del Carpio, and Paul Ferraro). [Official link, PDF, replication files] Nature Climate Change 9:587–591, 2019.

Ghostbusting in Detroit: Evidence on nonfilers from a controlled field experiment. [Official link, PDF] Journal of Public Economics 158:180–193, 2018. Discussed by: Bloomberg, Public Citizen Consumer Law & Policy Blog, TaxProf Blog

The pass-through of RIN prices to wholesale and retail fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard (with Christopher Knittel and James Stock). [Official link, PDF, replication files]. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 4(4):1081–1119, 2017.

Working papers

Exposure enhanced goods and technology disadoption: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial with resource-conserving technologies (with Francisco Alpízar, Maria Bernedo Del Carpio, and Paul Ferraro). [PDF].

Judging banks' risk by the profits they report (with Stefan Nagel and Amiyatosh Purnanandam). [PDF].

Work in progress

Compliance with regulatory intermediaries: Evidence from lead contractors in Maryland (with Paul Ferraro).

Can direct outreach raise delivery of stimulus payments to non-filers? A case study of the CARES Act Economic Impact Payments (with Deena Ackerman, Will Boning, Colin Cambpell, Liyan David Chang, Adam J. Cole, Julie-Anne Cronin, Geoffrey Gee, Christopher Given, and Suzanne Gleason).